National Clean Up Your Room Day

Got a room that’s a mess? National Clean Up Your Room Day is the perfect time to clean up! Learn more about this annual day of organization.

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If you have teenagers, or have ever been a teenager, chances are you’ve experienced a messy room. Or maybe you’re one of the naturally gifted, clean-room-havers out there and you have no idea what it’s like to have a cluttered bedroom.

But we highly doubt that here at National Day Ideas! Life happens and so do messy rooms. But May 10th is the day to right that! It’s a day to take a few minutes and honor the joy and benefits of having a clean room.

Let’s talk more about National Clean Up Your Room Day!

When Does National Clean Up Your Room Day Take Place?

May 10th is National Clean Up Your Room Day!

Who Invented National Clean Up Your Room Day?

There is literally zero information online as to how and when this day started. Perhaps it was a cleaning company or a Mom who had had enough and was trying to make cleaning up her kids’ rooms fun.

Either way, it really doesn’t matter. Let’s embrace this day fully.

The Benefits of a Clean Room

There really is nothing like a freshly clean and organized room, is there? But why? What are the benefits?

Cleaning can help you see how fortunate you are

When you have a clean and tidy space that smells nice, you can really appreciate what you have. Think of all those who have been displaced by the war in Ukraine! When you tidy up, you are really communicating to yourself how appreciative you are for what you have.

A Clean room will help you feel less stressed and more centered

I’m sure there are studies out there about how a clean room affects you. But from personal experience, I know that when I have a tidy room, I feel much calmer and less stressed. I feel peaceful and serene. I don’t feel guilty for slacking and living in a mess of a mess.

That is truly worth the time it takes to clean up!

You’ll be able to find the things that you need when you need them.

If you live in piles of clutter, it is absolutely hard to find things, no matter how much you might exclaim that you have a “filing system” and you know exactly where things are.

I’ve used that excuse. And I’m here to say…it’s a lie. Ha!

Picking up your room will help you to actually be organized and have what you need at your fingertips.

Some Ideas for National Clean Your Room Day

  • Add some decorative pillows to your room
  • Buy a plant – real or fake
  • Invite a friend over to help and then reciprocate

Tips for Cleaning Up Your Room

Create a simple plan of attack

No need for a marathon cleaning session here. I always focus on picking up the floor first. When the floor is clean, then I can get around easily.

Tidy your dresser and throw away any paper clutter.

Change your sheets and make the bed.

Stay calm, cool and collected

The best advice I’ve ever heard for avoiding overwhelm is to use a timer. Set it for 10-15 minutes at a time and take a break. Drink some water. Go outside.

When you stay calm while cleaning up, the job goes much smoother and you’ll start to enjoy the process.

Reward yourself for a job well done

When you are done, find a way to reward yourself!

  • Take a walk
  • Grab a snack
  • Sit down and watch a favorite show

On May 10th, Celebrate National Clean Up Your Room Day. Encourage your kids to get involved and organize challenges to make it fun.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring and overwhelming! That’s what this day brings, a chance to honor the process of cleaning your room.

Interesting statistics about cleaning your room:

Remember to have fun with this day and maybe you’ll fall in love with cleaning your room!

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