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National Earmuff Day

March 13, 2023 All day

March 13th is National Earmuff Day!

National Earmuff Day is celebrated every year on March 13th to honor the creation of the earmuff, a winter accessory that has been keeping people’s ears warm for over 150 years. This day is a tribute to the ingenuity of Chester Greenwood, a 15-year-old boy who invented the earmuff in 1873.

Chester Greenwood lived in Maine, where the winters are particularly cold. One day, while ice skating, he grew tired of the cold and uncomfortable woolen hat he was wearing to keep his ears warm. He decided to create something that would be more comfortable and effective, and he came up with the idea for the earmuff.

Greenwood’s design consisted of two U-shaped wire frames with fur or cloth pads attached to them. The frames could be adjusted to fit around the head and over the ears, providing warmth and protection from the cold.

The invention was an instant success, and Greenwood soon began producing earmuffs for his family and friends. He eventually patented his design and started a company to manufacture and sell the product. Today, earmuffs are a popular winter accessory around the world, and they come in a variety of styles and materials.

National Earmuff Day is a way to celebrate the history of this important winter accessory and the creativity of its inventor. It is also a reminder of the importance of staying warm and protecting our ears during the cold winter months. Whether you prefer traditional earmuffs or a more modern design, this day is a great opportunity to show off your favorite pair and stay cozy and comfortable in the chilly weather.

National Earmuff Day is a fun and lighthearted holiday that celebrates an important winter accessory and its inventor. It is a reminder of the importance of staying warm and comfortable during the cold winter months, and it is a great opportunity to show off your favorite pair of earmuffs. So, grab your earmuffs and enjoy the warmth and comfort they provide!

Happy National Earmuff Day!