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National Flapjack Day

March 7, 2023 All day

March 7th is National Flapjack Day!

National Flapjack Day is an annual celebration that takes place on March 7th. This day is dedicated to one of America’s favorite breakfast dishes: the flapjack, which is also known as a pancake or hotcake. Flapjacks are a type of griddle cake made from a simple batter of flour, eggs, milk, and butter.

The origins of the flapjack date back to the ancient Greeks, who made a similar type of pancake called τηγανίτης (tiganites). The word “flapjack” is believed to have originated in the 1600s, and it was first used to describe a flat cake made from oats.

Today, flapjacks are a staple of American breakfasts and are enjoyed by people of all ages. They are easy to make and can be customized with a variety of toppings and flavors.

To celebrate National Flapjack Day, many people choose to whip up their own batch of flapjacks at home. Some like to keep things simple with classic toppings like butter and syrup, while others prefer to get creative with toppings like fruit, chocolate chips, or whipped cream.

Many restaurants and cafes also celebrate National Flapjack Day with special menu items and promotions. It is a great opportunity to try out new flavors and styles of flapjacks, and to enjoy this classic breakfast dish with friends and family.

In addition to being delicious, flapjacks are also a nutritious breakfast option. They are a good source of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber, and can be made with a variety of healthy ingredients like whole wheat flour, oats, and fresh fruit.

Flapjacks can also be a fun and creative way to get kids involved in the kitchen. Kids can help mix the batter, flip the flapjacks on the griddle, and add their own favorite toppings.

National Flapjack Day is a fun and festive observance that celebrates the simple and delicious joy of pancakes. It is a day to savor the flavors and textures of flapjacks, experiment with new recipes and toppings, and share your love of this classic breakfast dish with others. So, whether you prefer your flapjacks with traditional toppings or like to get creative with your own favorite flavors, be sure to take some time on March 7th to celebrate National Flapjack Day!

Happy National Flapjack Day!