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National Frozen Yogurt Day

February 6, 2023 All day

February 6th is National Frozen Yogurt Day!

Frozen yogurt, often referred to simply as “froyo,” is a dessert made from a mixture of yogurt, milk, sugar, and flavorings. It is similar in texture to ice cream but typically has a tangier taste due to the use of yogurt.

Frozen yogurt is often touted as a healthier alternative to ice cream, as it typically has fewer calories, less fat, and less sugar. Some frozen yogurt also contains live and active cultures, which are beneficial for digestive health.

Frozen yogurt can be enjoyed on its own, or it can be topped with a variety of sweets and savory ingredients, such as fresh fruit, nuts, sprinkles, or hot fudge. Some frozen yogurt shops also offer a self-serve format, where customers can choose from a variety of flavors and toppings and pay by weight.

Frozen yogurt has become increasingly popular in recent years, and there are now many frozen yogurt shops and chains that specialize in the dessert. Frozen yogurt is also widely available in grocery stores, where it can be purchased in pre-packaged containers or by the scoop.

Overall, frozen yogurt is a delicious and refreshing dessert that can be enjoyed as a healthier alternative to ice cream. Whether you prefer it plain or loaded with toppings, there’s a frozen yogurt flavor for everyone!

Happy National Frozen Yogurt Day!