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National Homegating Day

February 12, 2023 All day

February 12th is National Homegating Day!

What is “homegating”?

The term “homegating” is a play on the word “tailgating” and refers to the practice of hosting a football-watching party at home, rather than in a stadium parking lot.

Homegating parties typically involve friends and family gathering together to watch a football game on television while enjoying food, drinks, and other activities. Unlike tailgating, which is often associated with grilling and outdoor activities, homegating parties can take place inside homes or in backyards and can involve a variety of food and entertainment options.

To celebrate National Homegating Day, people may host their own homegating party or attend one hosted by friends or family. The day is also an opportunity for businesses to promote products and services related to homegating, such as food and beverage items, home entertainment systems, and sports merchandise.

In recent years, homegating has become a popular alternative to traditional tailgating, as it allows fans to enjoy the excitement of the game while also taking advantage of the comforts and conveniences of home. National Homegating Day celebrates this trend and provides an opportunity for football fans to come together and enjoy the game in a fun and festive atmosphere.