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National Public Sleeping Day

February 28, 2023 All day

National Public Sleeping Day - a man sleeping on a lounge chair by a pool

February 28th is National Public Sleeping Day!

National Public Sleeping Day is a day when people are encouraged to take a nap in a public place. It is celebrated on February 28th every year.

The purpose of this day is to raise awareness about the benefits of napping and to encourage people to take some time to rest and recharge.

Napping has been shown to improve cognitive function, memory, and creativity. It can also help to reduce stress and improve mood.

So, if you find yourself feeling tired and in need of a nap on National Public Sleeping Day, find a comfortable spot and take a nap!

Just make sure to be respectful of those around you and follow any rules or regulations regarding public sleeping in your area.

Happy National Public Sleeping Day!