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National Wisconsin Day

February 15, 2023 All day

February 15th is National Wisconsin Day!

National Wisconsin Day is a holiday that celebrates the state of Wisconsin, located in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is observed on February 15th of every year.

Wisconsin is known for its unique culture, including its love of cheese and beer, as well as its natural beauty, with many lakes, forests, and parks to explore. The state is also home to many iconic landmarks and attractions, such as the Wisconsin State Capitol building, the Milwaukee Art Museum, and Lambeau Field, the home of the Green Bay Packers.

National Wisconsin Day provides an opportunity to celebrate the state’s rich history and culture, as well as its contributions to the country as a whole. The day is often marked with special events and activities, such as parades, festivals, and community gatherings.

In addition to celebrating the state’s culture and history, National Wisconsin Day is also a time to recognize the important role that Wisconsin has played in shaping American society. Wisconsin has been at the forefront of many political and social movements, such as the labor movement and women’s suffrage, and has produced many notable figures in fields such as politics, literature, and music.

Overall, National Wisconsin Day is a time to honor the state’s unique identity and the many ways in which it has enriched the lives of its residents and the broader community.

Happy National Wisconsin Day!