National Flip Flop Day

Today is National Flip Flop Day. Why do people wear flip flops? Where did flip flops originate? Learn about the history of flip flops here.

photo of a pair of colorful flip flops sticking up out of the sand for National Flip Flop Day

FLIP FLOPs!!!  I hear those words and images of both crashing waves and splashing water instantly come to mind.  Not to mention leisurely summer strolls in July and refreshing beverages by the pool.

But what is the deal with National Flip Flop day? Let’s find out!

When is National Flip Flop Day?

National Flip Flop Day is the second Friday in June.

  • 2022: June 17th
  • 2023: June 9th
  • 2024: June 14th
  • 2025: June 13th
  • 2026: June 12th

About National Flip Flop Day

Who founded the unofficial holiday we call National Flip Flop Day?

Why, Tropical Smoothie Café, did!  The American restaurant chain started this day in 2007 for two reasons: First, in honor of their 10th anniversary and second, to benefit the kids at Camp Sunshine. 

Why Celebrate National Flip Flop Day?

This day, as we mentioned above, was started to support Camp Sunshine.

Camp Sunshine, located in Casco, Maine, was started in 1984 as a retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses. The camp is for entire families and completely free for them to attend.

Isn’t’ that amazing?

In their 13 years partnering with Camp Sunshine, Tropical Smoothie Cafe has raised a over a whopping $7,500.000 and served over 3,000 families!

Kudos to Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

How about a free smoothie?

In the past, on National Flip Flop Day, Tropical Smoothie has hosted a benefit for Camp Sunshine by giving away free smoothies. If you wear a pair of flip flops, you get a free Jetty Punch Smoothie (made with bananas, strawberries, agave syrup, cashew milk, ice, and vanilla yogurt).

Then if you donate, they give the proceeds to Camp Sunshine.

As of writing this post in early June of 2022, there is no information on whether they are doing the giveaway this year. 

A Brief History of Flip Flops

photo of feet wearing pink flip flops for National Flip Flop Day

We all know that flip flops, a type of sandal, have been around for many years. Archeologists say that the first sandals actually appeared in the Stone Age. []

But the flip flop version came about out as early as Ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptian wore thonged sandals made of papyrus and palm leaves as well as leather. Interestingly, the Ancient Greeks wore thonged sandals between their first and second toes, but the Romans wore them between the second and third toes.

In India, they wore sandals made from wood and in Japan, rice straw. []

But, in the 1950s, after World War 2, the rubber industry was in full swing, and the Japanese began exporting their sandals known as Japanese Zoris. Usually made of straw, these rubber sandals found a market in the US. []

Weirdly, despite the recent conflict with Japan, Zoris were a big hit and the rest is history. 

Where did the term flip-flop come from?

Leave it to the Americans to come up with such a creative name. LOL #sarcasm

But seriously, in the 1960s, the name emerged directly from the sound they make when one is walking.

Flip. Flop. Don’t Stop. 

Fun Ideas for Celebrating National Flip Flop Day

photo of feet crossed wearing flip flops
  • If they celebrate it this year, grab your favorite pair of flip flops and head to Tropical Smoothie Café! 
  • If they don’t, wear your favorite flip flops and make your own smoothie at home, but maybe, give Camp Sunshine a donation in honor of all they do to support these families who are going through the worst thing ever.
  • Take a cheap pair of flip flops and add some bling to the rubber straps!

How to Clean Flip Flops

Do you have some rubber flip flops that you love but are kind of dirty?

If wiping them down with soap and water doesn’t do the trick, try using a Magic Eraser on them!

Can you Make Your Own Cute Flip Flops?

Make them? Let’s just say yes, but why not just by a cheap pair and fix them up!

Like we talked about above, you can bling them out. Add some glitter to the strap or glue on some craft stones or beads.

Also, you can take some soft rope or fabric and replace the uncomfortable straps. You may need to punch some extra holes in the back but what a cheap way to get some really cute sandals!

photo of feet in the air wearing yellow flip flops on the beach. Quote says: Life is better in flip flops

Interesting Stats About Flip Flops

Do you have a favorite pair of flip flops?

For more fun and quirky days to celebrate, just visit our Calendar to see what’s coming up!

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