National New Beers Eve

a group of women cheering with bottles of beer for National New Beers Eve

April 6th is National New Beers Eve!

National New Beers Eve is a day when people come together to try new beers and celebrate the art of brewing.

In this article, we will explore the history of NNBE, how it is celebrated, and some of the best new beers to try on this special day.

What is National New Beers Eve?

This day is a holiday celebrated on the night before National Beer Day, which falls on April 7th.

On this day, people come together to try new and different beers, celebrate the art of brewing, and enjoy the company of fellow beer enthusiasts.

History of National New Beers Eve

The origins of National New Beers Eve are not clear, but it is believed to have started in the United States in the early 2000s. The holiday gained popularity in the craft beer community and has since spread to become a widely celebrated event.

How to celebrate NNBE

There are many ways to celebrate National New Beers Eve, and here are some ideas to help you get started:

  1. Visit a local brewery
    • Visiting a local brewery is a great way to celebrate. Many breweries offer special events, tastings, and tours on this day, so be sure to check with your local brewery for their offerings.
  2. Try new beers
    • National New Beers Eve is all about trying new and different beers. Take this opportunity to try a beer style or brand that you have never had before.
  3. Host a beer tasting party
    • Hosting a beer tasting party is a great way to celebrate NNBE with friends and family. Ask everyone to bring their favorite new beer to share, and sample and rate each beer.
  4. Learn about brewing
    • National New Beers Eve is also a great day to learn about the art of brewing. Visit a local brewery or research online to learn about the brewing process and how different styles of beer are made.
  5. Enjoy beer-inspired food
    • Beer can be a great ingredient for cooking, and National New Beers Eve is a perfect day to experiment with beer-inspired food. Cook with beer as an ingredient or pair your favorite new beer with a delicious meal.

Best new beers to try on NNBE

If you’re looking for some new beers to try on National New Beers Eve, here are some of the best new beers on the market:

  1. Hazy IPA
    • Hazy IPAs have become increasingly popular in recent years. These beers are characterized by their cloudy appearance and juicy, fruity flavors.
  2. Sours
    • Sours are tart and acidic beers that have become very popular in the craft beer community. They come in a wide range of flavors, from fruity to funky.
  3. Milkshake IPAs
    • Milkshake IPAs are a newer style of beer that feature lactose and fruit additions. These beers are sweet and creamy and often have a dessert-like quality.
  4. Pilsners
    • Pilsners are a classic style of beer that have been gaining popularity in the craft beer community. They are crisp and refreshing and perfect for warm weather.
  5. Imperial stouts
    • Imperial stouts are strong and rich beers that are perfect for sipping. They are often aged in barrels and have complex flavors of chocolate, coffee, and dark fruit.

National New Beers Eve is a fun and exciting holiday that celebrates the art of brewing and the enjoyment of beer. Whether you visit a local brewery, try new beers, host a beer tasting party, learn about brewing, or enjoy beer-inspired food, there are many ways to celebrate this special day.

And with the wide range of new beers on the market, there is no shortage of options to try and enjoy. So, grab a few friends, head to your local brewery, or stock up on some new and exciting beers, and raise a glass to this fun day. Cheers!

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