National Coconut Cream Pie Day

Learn about the history of the coconut cream pie and find out what some ways are to celebrate today’s holiday.

photo of a coconut cream pie in a glass pie dish with text above that says, "National Coconut Cream Pie Day"

Today is a most certainly a enormously delicious day to celebrate. Slicing up a creamy coconut cream pie is certainly a delectable way to end (or start) a day. But do you know where the coconut cream pie came from? Though there isn’t much out there about the origin of the National Day, the pie certainly has some interesting history to it!

Let’s take a look.

When is National Coconut Cream Pie Day?

We celebrate this yummy dessert on May 8th!

What Is Coconut Cream Pie?

Coconut cream pie consists of a thick and creamy coconut filling, a flaky pie crust and loads of soft and fluffy whipped cream all topped with toasted coconut.

How do you make one?

This pie is made by whisking coconut milk, cream, sugar and salt together in a saucepan on the stove. Then you take a portion of that and slowly whisk it into a mixture of egg yolks and a thickener (like cornstarch).

You have to be careful with the heat or you’ll end up with scrambled eggs! Then you pour that back into the pot on the saucepan and cook it for just a minute. Once you add in the seasonings, you remove it from the heat and, after pouring it into an already cooked pie crust, refrigerate it.

After about 3 hours, once it has completely chilled, top it with whipped cream and toasted coconut!

Check out this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

History of National Coconut Cream Pie Day

In the 1800’s, as the shipping companies figured out how to safely import tropical fruit, American and Europeans soon developed a deep love for them. The coconut was not as popular as bananas and pineapples because people just didn’t know what to do with it!

But when a French Company started drying and shredding the meat, they were able to spread more easily across the globe, and they were certainly easier to use!

By the beginning of the 1900’s, coconut cream pies were making their sweet appearance in recipe books were pretty much wherever you went.

How To Celebrate

The best way to celebrate National Coconut Cream pie day is to have a slice!

  • Make a homemade pie
  • Patronize a local bakery and order a pie
  • Throw a dessert party in honor of this delicious classic

Interesting tidbits about coconuts


Is coconut milk the same as coconut cream?

They are very similar as both are made with the coconut meat and water. Coconut cream has a higher percentage of the coconut meat which gives it a much creamier consistency.

How long will a coconut cream pie last in the fridge?

It should last 3 to 4 days. But it will probably be all eaten up before that anyway, right?

What is the difference between coconut Custard pie and coconut cream pie?

A custard pie has a baked filling and a cream pie is a pudding and is cooked on the stove.

If you find yourself craving a coconut cream pie, you don’t have to wait until May 8th to celebrate it! Enjoy a piece any day of the year.

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