National Moscato Day

May 9th is National Moscato Day. We take a look at the unofficial holiday and the history of moscato wines. Learn about this drink’s origins, its health benefits and how it’s made here.

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Before we get into National Moscato day, let’s talk a little bit about the wine!

What is Moscato wine?

Moscato is a sweet, sparkling wine known for its fruity notes.

What does Moscato taste like?

It generally has a fruity flavor including notes of peaches and orange blossom. Like champagne, it can have a subtle fiziness and is often considered a sparkling wine.

What regions grow Moscato grapes?

Moscato, made from muscat grapes which first came from Italy, is now made from grapes that grow in wine regions from across the globe.

Since it can be grown in most climates, it does well in France, Italy, Spain and Australia.

Where does the name Moscato come from?

Moscato comes from the name of the grape it is made from, the muscat.

Muscat grapes have over 200 varieties and is one of the oldest in the world. They come in a range of colors from white to pink to yellow to dark purple.

What kind of food do you serve Moscato with?

You’ll want to pair Moscato with light and possibly spicy foods. Veggie Trays and spicy shrimp would work well with this sweet, bubbly wine.

What not to pair? Heavy dishes like hearty stews, meatloaf and rich chocolate desserts.

How did National Moscato Day start?

The Gallo Family Vineyards declared May 9th National Moscato Day in 2012. Having been in the wine business since 1933, this family knows a thing or two about wine!

How to celebrate National Moscato Day

  • Find a wine store and see if they’ll offer a tasting of their Moscato wines.
  • Buy a few bottles of varying priced bottles of Moscato and throw your own wine tasting!
  • Take your bff a bottle of chilled Moscato and have a girl’s night!

National Moscato day FAQs

Can i make cocktails with Moscato?

Yes! Some delicious cocktails include:

  • Moscato Mule
  • Moscato Sangria
  • Moscato Lemonade

Is it sweet or dry?

Moscato is definitely a sweet wine. It can even be sweeter than Riesling.

Is it a popular wine choice?

Sweet, fragrant and fizzy, it’s easy to see why Moscato rose from obscurity to fashionable in a few short years. In 2012, Nielsen reported a 100 percent jump in sales for sparkling Moscato in the U.S., which inspired California farmers to add new plantings.

Are all Moscato wines sparkling?

Actually, no. You can find Moscato as a still, sparkling, sweet or fortified wine. It depends on whether the vinter halts the fermentation process or not. If they extend the fermentation, as they do with Champagne, it will develop those bubbles!

What can you cook with Moscato?

This wine is definitely not for cooking. Because of its sweetness, it can caramelize way to0 quickly and burn. Stick with dry wines like Chardonnay for cooking.

What celebrities drink Moscato?

Kanye West and Lil’ Kim have both mentioned moscato in their music. Guess they love it!

Interesting facts about Moscato

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