National Dog Mom Day

National Dog Mom Day is a holiday that honors the wonderful relationship between a dog mom and her fur baby. Learn more about Dog Mom Day here.

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There is nothing quite like being a dog mom. It’s a special kind of motherhood and an important job.

When the kids are acting crazy, the house is a mess, you’re frazzled and frustrated, your fur baby is still sitting there with nothing but immense adoration for you.

That unconditional love, the willingness to always give extra cuddles, is what fuels a deep relationship between a dog and its dog mom.

Dog moms do so much for their puppies! They deserve to be acknowledged for all the walks they take, the bags of poop they pick up and the countless runs to the store they make for food and toys! They absolutely deserve their own day!

Let’s talk more about National Dog Moms Day!

What is National Dog Moms Day?

Dog Moms Day is a day to really take a moment to appreciate this special relationship and to honor the dog mommas in your life.

Maybe you, yourself, are a dog mom. Maybe you have a special dog mom in your family. Read on to see how you can make today special!

When is National Dog Mom’s Day?

National Dog Moms Day is the second Saturday of May.

Why is a Dog Mom so Special?

Like we mentioned above, just like a mom to human children, a dog mom’s work is never done. Dog moms take pet parenting very seriously.

Taking care of their pups is a full-time job. They need outside bathroom breaks, rain or shine. Plus, there’s all the constant feeding and watering, not to mention entertaining them! And if they have a sick dog? There are no limits!

A dog mom requires lots of patience. If your fur baby has anxiety, whether from thunderstorms or separation from their people, there can be couches eaten and rugs destroyed. It’s not their fault and dog moms know it. They have so much love for their animals; they do everything they can to make them feel safe and loved!

Dog moms are truly special people. They are worthy of all the howls of praise they can get.

And let’s not forget our Foster Dog Moms! They love their foster dogs as if they were their own and then have the strength to let them go!

History Of Dog Mom Day

This special day was created by Casey and Leigh Isaacson, the founders of Dig (a dog person’s dating app) as a way to celebrate female dog owners who take such good care of their furry children.

Dog lovers everywhere readily embraced the creation of this separate day celebrating the moms of our domesticated canines!

Simple ideas to celebrate Dog Mom Mother’s Day

  • Take a special picnic with your dog. Bring all their favorite meals and treats and toys!
  • Make some homemade treats for your barking friend
  • Take your puppy to a pet-friendly store and buy a few special treats and toys
  • Schedule a professional photoshoot for yourself and your dog (or just ask a friend who also has a dog and take turns)
  • Host a Dog Mom playdate at the local dog park or your house if you have the room
  • Take your pup on a longer hike and maybe even go camping over night

5 Gifts to Give the Dog Mom in Your Life

  • A gift certificate for a spa day; a manicure and pedicure (even better if you have a pet-friendly spa in the area)
  • A gift card to her favorite pet store
  • A professional photo shoot with her fur baby
  • A nice lunch at a dog-friendly restaurant
  • Some fun dog mom apparel

A brief History of Dogs in america

In North America, many Native American tribes domesticated and bred wolves while others distrusted them and kept them at arm’s length. Some tribes even hunted and ate them.

It’s theorized that domestication in America began when Native Americans and wolves found a sort of compromise — wolves learned that they could get an easy meal if they hung around humans, and Native Americans realized that wolves could be helpful in several ways.

Pets on Broadway

5 Important Facts About Dogs

  • A dog’s nose print is unique, much like a person’s fingerprint
  • leading canine researcher Stanley Coren, PhD, puts a dog’s intelligence somewhere around that of a 2-2.5 year old human
  • Dogs can hear frequencies twice as high as humans can
  • a greyhound dog can run about 45 miles per hour
  • Dogs mainly sweat through glands in their paws

Fun quotes for Dog Moms

“I take insults to my dog more personally than insults to myself.”


“Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.”

Elizabeth Taylor

“When an 85-pound mammal licks your tears away, then tries to sit on your lap, it’s hard to feel sad.”

Kristan Higgins

Interesting stats about Dogs and Dog Moms

Thank you to all the dog moms out there. If you are hoping to be one of the world’s future dog moms, please consider adopting from your local humane society. So many puppies are in need of rescue.

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