Principal Appreciation Day

a school principal helping a student for national school principal day

May 1 is Principal Appreciation Day!

Principals are often the unsung heroes of our schools. They have a huge job trying to hold everything together and, even though sometimes they might be seen as the villain, they give so much of themselves that we can’t even see.

They work tirelessly to make absolutely sure that our schools run smoothly, that our children receive the best education possible, and are kept safe in the process.

They deserve a day that celebrates their hard work, dont’ they?

What is Principal Appreciation Day?

Principal Appreciation Day is a day for us to recognize and honor the hard work and dedication of school principals.

They do so much to ensure that our schools are safe (which is a kinda tough these days), welcoming, and academically challenging for our kids. If you’ve got a good one, it’s important to let them know how you feel!

When is Principal Appreciation Day?

Principal Appreciation Day is usually celebrated on May 1st. Your school might honor yours on a different day so be sure to check!

The History of School Principals Day

National School Principals Day can actually be traced back to the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), which was founded in 1921. In 1984, the NAESP established the first National Principals Month in October, to recognize and honor the contributions of principals across the country.

In 2000, Janet Dellaria, who had already founded Father-Daughter Take a Walk Day, propsed a new holiday which became National Principal Appreciation Day!

Inventing a holiday was so much fun, Dellaria didn’t stop with one. This year, she initiated “Principal Recognition Day,” which is May 1, after making it an in-school celebration at Jacobs High several years ago. When the day rolled around, Dellaria was tickled to learn that Domino’s in the West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania region sent pizzas to 479 school principals.

Since then, National School Principals Day has been celebrated every year on May 1st, with schools, teachers, students, and communities taking the opportunity to express their appreciation for the hard work and dedication of school principals.

What does a good school principal do?

If you have a great principal at your school, you know how hard they work and how much emotional investment that have in their students. Our principal is awesome. He even has a Mohawk that he dyes different colors. But more than that, when you have a principal that shows leadership skills, creates productive learning environments and is truly investing in both the personal and academic success of their kids, you never want to let them go!

  1. Visionary leadership: An awesome principal has a clear and compelling vision for the school and inspires others to work towards achieving it.
  2. Effective communication: A fantastic principal communicates effectively with teachers, students, parents, and the community, ensuring that everyone is informed and involved in the school’s mission and goals.
  3. Strong management skills: A great principal manages the school’s resources effectively, including budget, personnel, and facilities, to create a positive and productive learning environment.
  4. Supportive of teachers: A good principal supports and empowers teachers by providing them with professional development opportunities, mentoring, and resources to enhance their teaching skills and improve student outcomes.
  5. Student-focused: An awesome principal is student-focused, ensuring that all students receive a high-quality education that meets their individual needs, supports their academic and personal growth, and prepares them for success in life.
  6. Collaborative: A strong principal collaborates with teachers, parents, and community leaders to create a culture of trust and respect that fosters student achievement and community engagement.
  7. Innovative: A creative principal is innovative, embracing new technologies and teaching methods to enhance student learning and engagement.

When you have a principal who is truly invested in the success of the schools, they are able to attract great teachers which truly can change the culture of an entire school. 

Why is Principal Appreciation Day important?

If we don’t let our principals know how much we appreciate their hard work, we might lose them to another school! They have so much responsibility. They’re in charge of managing the day-to-day operations of the school and filling out all kinds of paperwork like requisitions. Not to mention having to deal with behavioral issues that lead to expulsions, detentions, or in-school suspensions. 

They spend a lot of time overseeing teachers and staff, and making sure that students receive a high-quality education. They also serve as a liaison between the school and the community, working to build strong relationships with parents and community members.

Celebrating Principal Appreciation Day?

There are so many awesome ways to celebrate Principal Appreciation Day. Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Write a Thank You Note: Take a few minutes to write a heartfelt thank you note to your school principal. Let them know how much you appreciate all they do to make your school a great place to learn.
  2. Send a Gift: A small gift, such as a gift card or a plant, can be a great way to show your appreciation for your principal.
  3. Host a Luncheon: Coordinate with other parents and staff members to host a luncheon for your school principal. This is a great way to show your appreciation and to give them a chance to relax and enjoy some good food and company.
  4. Provide Recognition: Work with your school’s PTA or other organizations to provide public recognition for your school principal. This could include a plaque or certificate of appreciation, or a feature in the school newsletter.

Principal Appreciation Day is an such a great opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication of our school principals. Whether you write a simple thank you note or plan a more elaborate celebration, be sure to let your school principal know that they are valued and seen!

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